• Advisor financial platform

    Advisor financial platform

    You need the best tools to handle your clients.

Keep It Simple

With FIDAworkstation you can build, monitor and analyze investment portfolios with an unmatched ease of use. Show your clients the invaluable valore of a simple and effective investment process.

  • Asset Selector
  • Clients
  • Model Portfolio
  • Portfolio & Optimizer
  • Tools
  • Funds, ETF, Bonds, Equities, Currencies, Indexes.

    Thanks to the coverage of FIDA's database, you will be able to look for financial instruments by name, ISIN, or the standard research procedures, as well as using a filter system based on security masters, quantitative analysis and FIDA classification.

    You will be also able to filter the instruments within a precise range in terms of return, risk and volatility on different time frames, as well as FIDA rating and score system.

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  • Quickly evaluate your clients profile and lead them to the most appropriate model portfolios.

    The platform managed process includes the analysis of the data required by MIFID compliance in order to evaluate the suitability of the proposed investments:

    • Knowledge and experience;
    • Financial position;
    • Investment objective.

    The joint analysis of the results is thus elaborated through an algorithm which allows to associate a portfolio reflecting the most suitable risk profile.

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  • Build efficient Model Portfolios according to your investment profile and risk appetite.

    Every portfolio model matches a specific risk profile, it's built to reflect its own features and proposes the suggested asset allocation among the main worldwide market showing the percentage associated with each of them.

    Portfolios are fashioned according to quantitative methods that, based upon historical data, evaluate returns, volatility and market correlations.

    Suggested portfolios propose, on top of the percentage incidence, the best fund according to FIDArating system.

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  • Check portfolios trend, return, risk and many more features. Examine the asset allocation and the financial instruments efficiency with simulation and analysis tools.

    Simulator allows you to combine and analyze financial instruments, indexers as well as portfolios under through historical trends.

    Optimizer is a tool that evaluates the possible instruments switching other alike that might have better performances.

    Every modifications can be subject to MIFID compliance test as requested by the regulatory environment.

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  • Take advantage of the many tools available to carry our deepened analysis, saving times and automatize controls.

    Create instrument lists, perform controls based on customized parameters, verify correlations and the collocation on a risk/return plan.

    Set alarms on securities and portfolios based on prices and statistics, create customized saving plans.

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  • No installation required

    FIDAworkstation is a web-based platform which can be accessed anywhere. With FIDA, you won't be subject to complex installations, software updates and manual data upgrades.

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