• FIDAworkstation "White Label"

    FIDAworkstation "White Label"

    An investment management platform with customized brand and functionalities that you can embed in your systems.

"White Label"

FIDAworkstation is built to be completely tailored on your brand and functionalities, and integrated in your existing systems to fulfill the needs of complex organizations.
White label service is an ultimate service for those institutional clients willing to provide they're own network of professionals with a simple, immediate and complete tool for financial consulting, promotion and portfolio reporting. An efficient solution that takes the most out of FIDA's experience and quality while limiting the development cost.

  • Custom Selector
  • Customized Profile
  • Corporate Investment Research
  • Integrated Portfolio
  • Tools and Analysis
  • Funds, ETFs, Equities, Bonds, Currencies, Indexes.

    In addiction to the standard asset research procedures, you will be able to set up your own universe (WHITE LIST) to take in consideration just your instruments in the selection process.

    Other research criteria might be configured upon Clients request.

  • Clients outlining system, available both in monovariate (MIFID I) and multivariate (MIFID II) compliance, might be modified and/or entirely replaced in order to suit the platform with the existing systems o developed upon clients requests.

    In the current multivariate process different enquiry types produce different restrictions/objectives.
    Variables defining client's profile:

    • Risk profiles;
    • Holding period;
    • Knowledge - understanding of the portfolios securities.


    Portfolio's restrictions according to client's risk profile:

    • Asset type;
    • Instrument's complexity;
    • Market risk;
    • Issuer risk;
    • Concentration risk;
    • Liquidity risk;
    • Liquidability time frame.

    System's outputs:

    • Maximum exposure's restrictions to different financial instruments and asset classes;
    • Maximum exposure's restrictions to risk factors (geographical area, currency, sector, issuer, quantitative parameter);
    • Maximum exposure's restrictions to issuers and illiquid securities.

    Customized parameters:

    • Inclusion/exclusion of questionnaire's elements;
    • Incidence of questionnaire's elements;
    • Portfolio's restrictions;
    • Risk's factors;
    • Accuracy degree of the adequacy evaluation.

  • All the elements of the promotion/consultancy process might be controlled on a corporate level, allowing a centralized management.

    Customization typically regards:

    • Portfolio Model;
    • Risk Profile;
    • Categories definition and taxonomy.

  • The experience of FIDA in data flows integration sublimates in such activities as integration and synchronization of portfolios with back-office data in batch and/or on-demand mode.

    Security systems are designed according to the highest quality standards, and provided with symmetric keys data cryptation mechanisms such as AES, RC6, Rijndael.

    Workstations are a powerful intelligence tool that enable to visualize aggregate data of institute/network/client.

  • FIDA database might be integrated and/or replaced by data flows as well as delivered in a structured and tailored manner, ready to be integrated with the back-office.

    Portfolio risk monitoring activity might be deployed disguised as a customized data flow. In such way, the adequacy control might be delivered as a report with different prescriptions and provided with the indications of possible anomalies identified in the portfolio.

    In order to tailor the platform on the desired detail level, statistical analysis might be chosen among the available or developed from scratches.

    FIDA's statistics library includes most of the common financial elaborations used by Investment Researches, including:

    • Variance and volatility (standard deviation);
    • Annualized volatility (standard deviation);
    • Skewness;
    • Kurtosis;
    • Excess kurtosis;
    • Confidence intervals for the average return;
    • Correlation coefficient;
    • Value at Risk (VaR);
    • Expected shortfall (ES) or conditional VaR;
    • Downside risk;
    • Annualized downside risk;
    • Maximum drawdown;
    • Shortfall probability;
    • Semi-deviation;
    • CAPM (full set);
    • Gain/Loss;
    • Gain/Loss ratio;
    • Black Traynor ratio;
    • Tracking Error (full set);
    • Risk Adjusted Performance Measures (full set);
    • Fama decomposition (full set);
    • Volatility Cone.

Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support

FIDA provides its partners with a complete technical support, from implementation to maintenance, from hosting to data storage.

Once you joined FIDA, software's implementation into your platform will take from 2 up to 3 months, depending on the range or the complexity of the project.

Such service will also include a training period of both customer service and IT staff.

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